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Can your cast aluminum lamps be used for residential as well as commercial projects?

Our Cast Aluminum products can offer the same style and versatility for either commercial or residential, we sell more scaled down versions for our residential clients. Cast aluminum is a more affordable option. These lamps vary in heights of up to 16 feet. Our products have flexibility in design because the posts can be cut to any length you may require.

Our lamps are affordable and offer our customers a competitive and decorative alternative to standard cookie cutter style fixtures. Quality is never sacrificed with our products.

What other options can I add to my lamp?

Options include photo cells for turning the units off and on automatically at dusk to dawn, along with electric outlets in the poles for additional power sources needed for Christmas lights wrapped around the poles, banner arms, basket hangers and street signs.

We also provide standard incandescent sockets which utilizes regular household energy efficient bulbs. The common life of these bulbs is 8,000 hours. This option comes standard in our lamps and there is no additional cost. We  recommend using the new LED products for your lamps but still offer ballasted light kits in metal halide (MH), which is bright white light or High Pressure Sodium (HPS), which is bright orange light. These ballast kits average around 15,000 to 20,000 hours. Running 8 hours a night for 365 days a year, would require a light bulb change every 5 years. LED products, in place of metal Halide have a life span of 10 to 15 years and are more efficient and self ballasted with standard mogul socket.These light kits are an additional cost and are not included in price of the lamp.

How can I find wholesale pricing or shipping costs?

Pricing can be obtained by contacting us through our website by submitting a quote request or by calling us directly at 1.800.. A qualified sales representative can discuss your project needs and assist you with the details.

What are the delivery times?

Standard lead times are 4-6 weeks on all cast aluminum products. Our line is built to order and can be produced with several different product combinations giving each of your projects a unique and distinctive look. We can complete RUSH orders, but those orders would be specific to what we have in stock or could receive from our foundry quickly. Under normal time frames we can customize and finish to your specifications.

Custom orders normally require a longer lead time approaching 8-10 weeks because of the nature of fabricating customized casts. It is a time consuming process and takes precision and attention to detail.


Are your products powder coated or painted with conventional paint methods?

Liquid Paint Finishes are Street Lamps Patio & Backyard Décor's standard. Our process is designed to provide a maintenance free coating by using a special acrylic based material suited for most applications with UV protection added. We can upgrade finish materials designed for areas where salt and corrosion is a concern. The investment is well worth the extra charge if your poles are to be placed in a hostile environment. You can rest assured that our paint will last.

Powder coating is a method used to apply a decorative or protective coating to variety of materials in both industrial and commercial applications. The powder coating process involves the dry application of finely ground particles of pigment and resin to surfaces prior to a curing process. Unlike liquid coatings, each individual powder particle contains the entire coating formulation (pigment, resin, fillers, and modifiers); there are no solvents in powder coating. The applied powder material is then heated to a temperature sufficient to melt and cure the resin. After cooling, the coating is complete; there is no cure time beyond the cool-down period.

Should you want powder coating we can contract out for this, but an additional charge will be applied to the cost of the product.


We ship nationwide. Call for a quote. Some parts can ship via UPS, however most orders ship via ground freight. We will work to get you the best possible rate.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma our retail store is located at 3975 South Sheridan.